Selling Process

Why use a professional real estate agent?

For most people, buying a property is the largest financial investment they will ever make. It is the one time you can say you went shopping and spent a quarter of a million dollars (or more). So shouldn’t you work with a professional to get the best advice possible for that investment?

Sapphire facilitates the process

We are your advocate, your real estate market specialist and your negotiating tiger all wrapped into one. You can rely on us to help you find the most qualified buyer and to guide you through the property selling processes. The rules regarding real property sales are always changing. We stay on top of all changes to the rules and pass along our knowledge to you.



Selling a property can be as challenging as buying one. A number of questions may arise:


  • How quickly will my property sell?
  • Will people like how it looks?
  • Will someone pay what I believe it is worth?
  • What do I do if my property does not sell?

Real estate professionals use a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) approach to assess a property’s market value. A well-executed CMA provides a sound basis for a property value discussion. Ultimately, you must decide the price to ask for your property. Regular feedback from the listing agent will provide information about revisiting the pricing strategy, if the asking price does not generate the desired offers. A propertyownership professional specializing in the local market is best qualified to give you an accurate assessment of your property’s current market value, and to help balance market realities with your dreams. This will allow you to establish the most effective marketing program for your property, including an asking price that generates active buyer interest.

Your property can be included in a database of all available properties, called the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). All MLS data reaches consumers around the world, thanks to the Internet. The effectiveness of online marketing is a function of how much exposure a property receives and how well it appears. You can realize substantial exposure for your property online – make sure it is quality exposure.

To market your property successfully, it should be prepared to show all of its potential. Your listing agent can help you emphasize the positive aspects of your property and maximize its appeal.

Offers must be in writing, signed and dated by all sellers, and include the following: Offer Price, Expiration Date, Closing Date, Deposit, Contingencies. Your listing agent will present offers to you. All terms of the offer should be considered, including the asking price, contingencies, local market dynamics, and your goals. In a soft market, you may see few offers, or offers significantly below your asking price. If propertys are selling quickly, you may receive multiple offers near – or exceeding – your asking price Once an offer is accepted, the property inspection process begins, after which the parties proceed to execute the purchase contract and begin the closing process.

Blue_number-11All parties will be present or represented at the closing for final review and signing of papers. Closings are administered by an escrow company. All closing expenses will be discussed in advance. You will be asked to sign the deed and any other papers that the lender, and/or other interested parties, may require. At conclusion, escrow will record the new deed and mortgage, and discharge all previous obligations of the seller

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